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Hohe Auftragslage: Momentan bearbeiten wir ungewöhnlich viele Aufträge. Es kann also zu Verzögerungen bei der Abwicklung neuer Aufträge kommen.


All items submitted must comply with our guidelines. These should be checked before every order. If items sent in do not comply with the following guidelines, the order cannot be processed as requested.

handzeichen für maße

Article dimensions

The longest page of the article must not exceed a certain value, depending on the service requested:

Productphotos: max. 80 cm
Flatlay Photos: max. 80 cm
Hollowman Photos: max. 200 cm
Creative Photos: max. 80 cm
Product Videos: max. 80 cm
360° videos: max. 60 cm
Unboxing videos: max. 60 cm

Product weight

The maximum weight of the item must not exceed a certain value depending on the service requested.

Product Photos: max. 25 kg
Flatlay Photos: max. 25 kg
Hollowman Photos: max. 20 kg
Creative photos: max. 20 kg
Product videos: max. 15 kg
360° Videos: max. 8 kg
Unboxing Videos: max. 20 kg

wiegende schwarze hand

Studiofy is a service provider for product photography and product videos. To process an order with us, customers must send in their respective items. For various reasons, however, certain items are unsuitable or prohibited for processing the order. The following explains which articles are affected by this. If the items sent do not comply with these guidelines, we have the right to withdraw from the contract. In this case, we will send the goods back to the specified delivery address and the payment originally received will be refunded to the customer minus the costs for the return shipment.

In addition to the maximum weight (see above) and the maximum size (see above) of items sent in, the following guidelines apply to our services:

The following articles are generally prohibited:

  1. Articles that promote, support or glorify hatred
  2. Articles that promote, support or glorify violence
  3. Articles that promote, support or glorify drug use
  4. Articles that are illegal and strictly regulated
  5. Articles that are pornographic

Special guidelines for Hollowman Photos:

Clothing sent in should also correspond to the measurements of our dolls for optimum results. The dimensions are listed below:

Lady doll
Clothing size: 34 to 36
Chest: 84 cm
Waist: 63 cm
Hip: 88 cm

Men’s doll
Clothing size: 46
Chest: 96 cm
Waist: 78 cm
Hip: 93 cm

Special guidelines for 360° videos:

  1. For an optimal result, the article should be able to stand on its own – if not, we will attach it to the underside accordingly and hide this area in the finished video.
  2. With turntable: For this option, please note that the diameter of the turntable must be 25 cm Ø.
  3. Without turntable: For this option, the nature of the item must be suitable for release

Guidelines for transparent background: If a transparent background is required for the order, the nature of the item sent in must be suitable for cropping.

These guidelines are part of our terms and conditions.